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eAds Media Specialise in combining traditional animation with the latest cutting-edge softwares to create world class computer animation and visual effects for a broad spectrum of media platforms like Television, Films, TV Commercials, Medical & Legal Applications, Internet, Product Demos, Education and Architectural Walkthroughs.

2D animations and visualisations are more popular than ever, with many businesses showcasing their animated advertisements both on TV and online. Whether it be advertisement for your new marketing campaign, informative videos showcasing a product or selling a service or perhaps even looking to just promote brand awareness; 2D Animation can be used to visualise, demonstrate entertain and educate.

Our 2D animations have catered to Illustration (cartoon) Films, Home Videos, Games, Engineering demos, Websites, E-learning, etc. Our skilled teams of professionals have been developing animation projects of varied kinds for client websites through simulations, special effects and a lot more. With us, you will be delivered perfect animation solutions which will live up to the standards of some of the best production companies around the globe.