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In today’s world one cannot imagine life without a mobile. Hence, for any company to achieve maximum brand recall/ build brand image cannot ignore mobile domain presence to capture the end consumer attention!

We design and develop advanced intuitive, full-featured and stable mobile applications and solutions for work, leisure, and travel to enable our clients to capitalize on the opportunities of the Mobile Revolution. Here our knowledge of the hardware, drawing on our extensive embedded software development expertise, is particularly applicable to helping us eliminate various bottlenecks caused by the mobile devices’ physical limitations.

Application Development

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It's the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast—every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly.

Android gives you everything you need to build best-in-class app experiences. It gives you a single application model that lets you deploy your apps broadly to hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of devices—from phones to tablets and beyond.


The Android App Development process we follow:

1. Requirement Gathering

  • Discussing the android app idea with you to evaluate the concept
  • Refining the idea to make it more lucrative for you
  • Creating final requirements document
  • Finalizing the milestones

2. Android App Design

  • Choosing the right style of design for the android app
  • Creating initial draft for the Android App design
  • Finalising android app design

3. Android App Development

  • Creating all the android app assets (android app objects, background, animations)
  • Coding of the basic android app mechanics
  • First draft delivery of the app which includes basic android app play and arts
  • Working further on android app based upon the feedback
  • Level Design and UI elements creation
  • Integration of all the elements

4. Final Delivery

  • QA and Testing
  • Final Android App Submission
  • Submission of App into Android Store